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Do you find yourself asking
these questions?

Do you believe God is disappointed in you?

Do you have doubts that you are going to heaven?

Do you know what God wants from you?

Do you understand your true identity in Christ?

Do you feel distracted in your relationship with God?


be one of the guys

Men Under Construction is a ministry group of guys looking for purpose and identity in Christ. Our groups ask tough questions and seek biblical answers.



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I have really enjoyed our bible studies with these men. We have a very nice group who pray for each other. At the beginning and end of the hour we join in prayer. Francis Chan has very powerful videos that supplement our weekly studies. The men lift each other up, as Christ calls for us to do. Very enjoyable.
John J
Darren and Steve have done a great job in leading this group and the content is good. It is helping me to get refocused in the word, as sometimes a Christian can get complacent in their walk and need a little kick start now and again. I also appreciate the fact that this class will take a little time to go off script and talk about the things that are relevant in the here and now.
Brian W
Darren and Steve provide a great program for men to go deeper in their walk with the Lord. Talking with other men and being guided through scripture is particularly important for men wanting to grow.
Paul K
For me the value of this men’s meeting, especially during this Covid crisis is the ability to connect with other believers and have a structured format of learning. My issue is that when I don’t have a group of men reminding me that God is still in control, scripture is time tested and is always a reliable resource to broaden my perspective of how to live regardless of the current chaos. Without a connection of godly men I can get tethered to this culture and world events that ultimately moves in to rob me of my peace and Gods truth and wisdom. I need to be reminded that Jesus is still on throne and I’m not.
Ron G